Once fully appreciated this uncontainable mistery of the cosmic e­qui­lib­ri­um, so mar­vel­lous Creation Module as to be claimed as Divine Pro­por­tion – Latin: sectio divina(although trivially defined just as by line and seg­ments), we can turn to discover probably the best geometric ex­pres­sion of its power.

Having drawn the Golden Rectangle, to build the so called Kepler tri­an­gle, no­th­ing more but to use as the base the short side LA and for the hypotenuse the long one AB, rotating it toward the opposite side AC up to meet it in C.
Mirroring the AC side to the opposite side of the height CL, the CD side will define the full ‘magic’ tri­an­gle CAD, without re­ve­al­ing all its a­maz­ing props though.

That’s to say this won­der­ful triangle - whose sum of the two sides is in phi ratio with the base - wor­thy to be at all re­garded as the “Great” (like the Py­r­a­m­id where it came from) Golden (but why not also 'True'?), virtually holds in itself at least the 4 concentric circles with di­am­e­ters ruled by progressive exponents of the Golden Ratio, as it defines them starting from the bigger cir­cum­scribed; to the immediately internal one, tangent to its sides; to the third, tangent like an intermediary to half the height of the triangle, as well as tangent both to the triangle base and to the ‘main’ outer circle if moved to its bottom; then to the inner one, tangent to its base from the concentric position. [click the + button to view the image one page to the side]