There, an arc with the center D, radius AD, that will in­ter­secate the circle with the cen­ter A, radius A1 {the gold­en ra­tio of AD}, to the point E. AE will be the base of ADE, the i­sos­ce­les triangle.
But we won't close that path, or our scope would be end, even if a circle could now be circumscribed to ADE and sub­di­vid­ed; in that the sub­se­quent con­struc­tion would be somehow an ar­ti­fice, as from an out­side ra­tion­al­i­ty, it would be spu­ri­ous, spec­u­la­tive.
The Core Principle does not act like this.
Let then the process elaborate, completing itself by its own properties.

In the dialectic of the becoming, diminution and growth, as well as his­tor­i­cal runs and reruns. alternate constantly, and here is an example of how they can be articulated in a linear sequence and congruent up to com­ple­tion, as two arms expressing a golden balance.

Since the run~rerun concepts perfectly befit with the clock­wise~coun­ter­clock­wise rotation, we will apply this movement to the relation Phi~1, or rather 1~phi, starting from the horizontal segment A to -B, i.e. virtually moving counterclockwise. The - or + sign will indicate the rotation's di­rec­tion of each progressive letter. Please, watch the following steps: