How to emphasize the vital integration of the Divine Proportion in this figure, which contains and issues perfection? Let me try this unusual mode of representing geometry, given the stimulating desire to highlight the tran­scen­dent dynamic of this poligon, which expresses the Golden Re­la­tion with the most synthetic efficacy ever.
Given a line AD with lenght 1,618, the midpoint as H, simulating the vector C from H to carry the two halves of the phi segment AD along the arc CH with radius AH (half AD): while the A point remain fixed to 0,0 and the D point moves as b backward along the base, thus always keeping the bC = AC, i.e. AC + Cb = AD, there are two main points where the ACb system can be related to the Unit of the base A1:
  1. C is vertical to half the base, tracing our Great Triangle: 1.618 over 1.
  2. V is vertical to half of half the base, the 2nd case: 1.618/2 over ½.
    Thus involving only one side AV over the triangle's base A½.
Note how the profile DCV flexes on C.