A sequence of golden ratio scaled circles can be drawn from its gold­en cen­ter, up to the vertex, all tangent to the triangle's sides, so that each cen­ter is fixed on the circumference of every 2nd lower circle and tan­gent to the 3rd upper… thus highlighting the internal res­o­nance of the mon­u­ment, until the 8th which diameter seems to deline the cus­pide of the pyr­a­mid, like the jewel which left it empty in the fol­low­ing cen­tu­ries. Thermal im­ag­ing recently emphasized this trend, ruled by the scalar powers of Φ.

No wonder if so very special prop­er­ties are reported to the vi­bra­tion­al structure of the Great Pyramid of Giza … that I'd like to claim even­tu­al­ly this ‘Great Golden Triangle
as the ‘Great Golden Gate

The lower half of the figure le­ads back to what I meant in my book since the year 2002, about that very spe­cial harmonic resonance.

As for myself, that really won­der­ful dis­cov­ery alike un­ex­plored so far, first prompt­ed me to focus on the Source of all yantras and to crys­tal­lize its ge­om­e­try ac­com­plishing THEORY, the first truly exact Śrī Chakra yantra , dealing with a structure to be called irrational, as are π and Φ.
Did some­body really believe that the Creation symbol could be rebuilt with a plain geometric process, resolvable like a rational puzzle?

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