the Golden Cosmic Egg, immediate proof by the GGT

The 1st wonderful property of this Great Golden Triangle I'm dis­cov­er­ing it only later and must include it here, cannot remake the whole site's layout and links so far – is to define a per­fect profile of one egg, let's say then the Cosmic Egg or the Golden Egg.
Such figure was plotted since the Vedic tradition as the Cosmic Egg of the Vedic Stupa (someone says; without a very info; a late idea?); but thus right in an el­e­men­ta­ry mode, wrong in fact, 'cause the missing know­led­­ge of the golden circles by the GGT, brought to draw just a bigger circle around that triangle's base, then a smaller one centered on the vertex, keeping the lower half of the egg like one half sphere, which doesn't express the Divine Pro­por­tion, nor it matches any natural egg.

Things change with ease and naturalness applying the virtual pro­por­tions of the Golden Circles Ratio which, positioning that ‘living’ Triangle inside the con­tain­er circle – like­wise in the heart of the Sri yantra,
and not outside like it takes place in the few common simulations – allows us to draw a perfect and natural egg profile with two simple steps.
Both use the 2nd inner circle [3], the one that is not directly tangent to the triangle, as if to give it a special ‘valency’, bringing it up with the cen­ter on the triangle vertex (and also tangent to the first interior [2]); and down ver­tic­ally tangent to itself.

All that needs is to extend the two halves, upper and lower of the outer circle, to the new limits i.e. tangents to the two translated circles, to get the perfect ideal egg profile. Hover the image, to view a matching profile section even of the head and brain.
It's quite easy here to define the displacements and the resulting con­tour in terms of Phi, but the ge­om­e­try as the language of the CREATIVE IN­TEL­LI­GEN­CE speaks far beyond the numbers (rational or not…).

After having carefully drawn this blueprint [PDF], or to say it better goldenprint, I could not resist the temp­ta­tion to superimpose it on a good image, it was to be the most el­e­gant and suitable I could find on the net: so much to look just like hard-boiled, where­as it deals with a marble sculpture! and here is the amazing result!
Should one still wonder which came first: the chicken or the egg, such a pat­tern is per­fect and right the men­tioned language leaves no doubt about its priority.