Ecce ‘homo bene figuratus’
This statue of the REDEEMER, one of the seven wonders, cannot be in­scri­bed in the square; anyhow also that of LIBERTY burns his torch on top of all.
Perhaps, right as His embrace crosses all bound­aries, today more than ever,
I could not give up reproducing it as the supreme goal of this journey.

This perfect geometric structure that we have highlighted, where the cir­cum­fer­ence radius is Φ×2 | Phi×square si­de and the square side is cir­cum­fer­en­ce radius×phi, when applied to the hu­man figure it did not cease to ama­ze, sin­ce just as the line of the he­art marks the base of the squ­are that ide­al­ly de­lim­its the head and throat be­tween the sho­ul­der joints, that squ­are then gi­ves rise to a golden rec­tan­gle, which ex­tends ver­ti­cal­ly to the defined focal po­int of the body, bonding in a fur­ther gol­d­en ob­ject the two main vital cen­ters.
This matches the 2nd golden circle (Φ²×2), from that inscribed into squ­­are side 2; while the 1st one (Φ×2) defines the lower half  of the body, the 3rd is right for the upper area (Φ³×2), above the head, whe­re we could fin­al­ly locate the 7th Chakra, the crown three-pronged on a lotus with nearly a thou­sand petals, tangent to the overall perimeters and of course to the upper side of the square, giving the greatest sense of it all.

Yes, it would have been enough to raise the arms above the head.

I strived to provide the maximum tools. Let the bitmap have their un­es­cap­able imperfection and don't let the colors shad­ows confuse your sight, mo­stly they help watching and un­der­stand­ing; feel free to try with more ad­vanced means. However a tech­ni­cal­ly exact PostScript template is ava­il­­able, based on our more intuitive Golden Circles map.

As I told, my resources ran out here.
and this is what the Masters teach me.

Don't wonder who I am; I'm what I do.
Thanks to my MASTER.