From heart to earth  
The true center of any measurement is at the Golden Ratio of the ver­ti­cal diameter of the circle that can circumscribe the whole body limbs ex­ten­sion in his nor­mal standing activity, either at the hor­i­zon­tal­ly (ear­th­ly) stretching pose, or elevated toward the heaven. Since on that single ver­ti­cal line we find the three nodes of the life, we could conceive it as the axis North to South around which the process of becoming revolves.
It originates from Freedom, the first attribute of each individual – the center of gravity, which keeps anchored the energy of which the spirit is constituted – which comes directly from the Source of Being (called GOD) and testifies to Its con­stant presence in his creature, to allow him to exist as a free and in­de­pen­dent being. Freeedom has no limits and no fixed direction. Its vehicle is the Con­scious­ness, that constitutes our contact interface with the outside [cir­cum­fer­en­ce], as well as the only part of ourselves that speaks to us of the root cause of which we are the effects and from Which we derive [center].
The horizontal way is given by the square, turning from one side to the op­po­site like the dawn and sunset, beginning and decline of the days and the lives, through the cicle of the seasons embracing the four cor­ners of the world.
This scans the stages of the evolution, therefore it results in the most evo­lved beings into Unconditional Love.
So, as the square is the space, the cir­cum­fer­ence is the time whose pul­sa­tions depend on the vibrational level of the material dimension.