The same rectangle clone rotation is performed here [3rd click], but with at least an extra gear, so to say: resulting tangent with enough accuracy to the cir­cum­fer­ence defined at the step 2. (page 57), and including with an op­ti­mum tangentiality the widest ex­ten­sion circles traceable by the hands. full res­o­lu­tion image)

Not only this, [last click in the next image] it can be better viewed in the most accurate PDF table [12Mb] how this circle [yellow-violet gradient} cen­tered on the arms line is tangent to the diagonals of the overall rec­tan­gle, as well as it results tangent to the 3rd inner golden circle of the main cir­cum­fer­ence when placed to the top of the square.
Right Harmony.

Once disclosed the presence of the Divine Proportion inside the squ­are template, and traced the wide­ly func­tion­al circumference cen­te­red onto the Φ of the squ­are, we can roll back to its inner Golden circles, to directly evaluate still more re­la­tions to the body.
We find 1st [click] the heart, the source of the own life formation; 2nd [click] the sexual organs, whe­re the be­ing takes shape, star­t­ing the in­car­na­tion both up­ward and do­wn­ward; 3rd [click] the cen­ter it­self; 4th [click], the significant tan­gen­tial­i­ty of the 1st inner circle to the squ­are upper side, so to de­fine by itself the height of our man, and his main func­tions.

A further perspective of what we've al­re­ady dis­cov­ered, with a precious add­-on like the icing on the cake: that Φ3 ideal space, that we can well assign to the 7th chakra.

The English physician and polymath Robert Fludd (1574-1637), al­che­mist and astrologer, Hermetic esoteric phi­los­o­pher expert in the­os­o­phy, in his ma­s­ter­work “Utriusque Cosmi” historia (Op­pen­heim, 1617­-1621) re­p­re­sents the supernatural centers residing into the brain and the upper zone of the hu­man astral aura, with their con­nec­tions to the Di­vine World.

For an extraordinary work like his one, one must have been sure­ly en­dowed with the astral vision (the ‘third eye’, or the ability to view over­lap­ping di­men­sions beyond the physical ap­pear­ance, even to move through…).

Browsing the “Utriusque Cosmi”
and, where ap­pro­pri­ate, comparing it to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, will help to acknowledge that if Le­on­ar­do was an­chored to the earthly dimension, Fludd was connected to the he­av­en­ly plan – (naturally, for who was prepared to understand; eno­ugh rea­son to be not so much re­nowned, isn't it?).