Well, you won't believe that but, given a body with such char­ac­ter­is­tics and un­learn­ing the abducted legs, to plot a circumference tangent to the base and to the highest rotation of the arms say, why not, to the max­i­mum natural stretching – instead of any arbitrary angle – it would assign to the circle touching the feet a radius which is in Golden ratio with the square i.e. centered on the Φ height of the man, right above the navel.

As we can evidently stress through this figure, that im­pro­vised re­quire­ment to touch with the fingers the square and the circle on the same point, has given rise to a distortion which is still leading to the bigger rep­re­sent­a­tive mistake, i.e. the sacrifice of this enlightening basic truth!

And that's not all, another very interesting factor emerges: sym­met­ri­cal from above to below the navel we find out the energetic point that the east­ern esoteric disciplines define as Hara, fundamental for con­trol­ling bal­ance and movement even in combat practices.
The entry and ma­na­ge­ment point of the force called 'Ki' or [t]Chi
(though some schools identify it with the third chakra).