“homo bene figuratus”

Well, having discovered in the former section the multiple Golden mer­its of the Vitruvian "homo ad quadratum" (man into the square), wich was suc­cess­ful­ly worked out by Leonardo Da Vinci,since ours is a com­mit­ment on the Divine Proportion, we will also seek the qualities of the ideal circle, even if this will not appertain to the "homo ad circulum" by Leonardo.
It must be said that it's easy to de­sign any body suit­ing what­so­ev­er pre­fi­xed pa­ram­e­ters, even if they are not yet in­ter­pret­ed unan­i­mously;
but what we are inspired to share is the presence of the Gol­d­en Section, in this ide­al­ized con­struct of the figure gi­ven by Vitruvius, even if this Sa­cred Ratio was tech­ni­cal­ly un­known at that time.

Thanks to the il­lus­trat­ed arcs of ro­ta­tion, we can resume that even wid­en­ing the radius of containment [yel­low] up to the tips of the fin­gers raised to full extension of the arms – Y, which seems to be pre­cise­ly at 60° – the cir­cum­fer­ence will not be lar­ge enough to also wrap the toes ex­tend­ed, as is shown by the layout of the legs evenly rotated up to 60°.