To create a manifest of his liking for the centuries to come, it would have done better to avoid retrofit with numerical tables and meticulous pro­por­tions, for Vitruvius not even neglected the finger tips! and with good reason: (please, click and watch what these images suggest about Phi, which mean the Golden Ratio was decidedly unknown to Vitruvius:)
"The architect Vitruvius says in his work about ar­chi­tec­ture that the mea­sures of the hu­man body are divided by na­ture as follows: 4 fin­gers con­sti­tute one hand width, 4 widths of a hand con­sti­tute one foot, 6 widths of a hand con­sti­tute one fore arm or yard, 4 yards con­sti­tute the height of a man. And 4 yards con­sti­tute a pace en 24 widths of a hand a man's height; and these measures he used for constructing buildings."

In fact, the contour an­no­ta­tions by Leonardo to the fig­ure do nothing but sim­u­late a sem­blance of mod­u­lar­i­ty of a project which has no valid foun­da­tion, being based on ap­prox­i­ma­tion and com­pro­mised dis­tor­tions. Any artful ad­ap­ta­tion, abo­ve all if it not ap­pro­pri­ate to the Cre­ation Reality, might result mis­lead­ing instead.

Like for the arms' positions, Vitruvius didn't mention opened legs any­how, but simply ‘extended hands and feet’, i.e. in normal mode, just ori­ent­ed towards the outside, so that a circumference centered on the na­vel would touch toes and fingers; while it must be borne in mind that this cannot take place with every positioning angle of the limbs, al­though in lack of speci­fi­ca­tions by the architect. Which posture is right then?