The lower left side looks to have been cut or burnt, or dampened; a sort of central seal is not complete…
Most enigmatic thing is that once resized the image to the best square and circle, the lower text appears perfectly aligned as well, even if the page format is no more rectangular.
At the same time, the upper rows of text being more regular before the adjustment, now they are slightly sloping and no longer parallel to the frame border as it was before!
This could indicate a progressive narrowing, greater at the bottom and decreasing up to about half the page; then, instead of a graphic tool that does not provide this option, i.e. the resizing is applied uniformly to the surface, I strived to try a sectorial arrangement by 9 interactional panels on a display 2560 × 1440px, I had to rotate the image to land­scape (3100 × 2250px), acknowledging that any minimal adjustment I could do would led to somehow different results. Just for precision sake.