First, observe how har­mo­ni­ous­ly they in­cor­po­ra­te the ar­e­as of the bo­dy. Or, if not con­vin­ced, click to view how they scan the 6 chak­ras, not to men­tion the area a­bo­ve the head, where the sev­enth re­sides, not be­ing con­nect­ed to in­ter­nal or­gans and up­ward o­ri­en­ted trans­ceiv­er of co­s­mic life en­er­gy.

Although not re­pre­sen­ted so far, the con­tain­ing cir­cum­fer­ence se­ems to extend with the aim of enunciating it, and [added note] even­tu­al­ly, we will be surprised about its area; but only raised arms will aid. ( 812k)

More, let's arrange the circles according to the geometry of the Great Gold­en Triangle: the 2nd (Phi) and the 3rd (Phi2) circles, filling the main cir­cum­fer­ence when tangent with their diameters vertically aligned to the cen­tral axis, meet exactly at the height of heart.

The heart is traditionally related to the Sun, the human expression of the zodiacal Lion, as well as to the gold metal.
Isn't this one a Golden Proportion's reference par excellence?

[later note:]A line joining the nipples was hidden to my eyes, just by the tangentiality of these two circles, and I had missed this prompt. Not­with­stand­ing, it could have not been noticed without the foreground of the 4 golden circles proportions, as the heart does not come forth in the figure.

The same for these two circles upside-down, that meet the sex­u­al or­gans (the lower chakra is ­downward o­ri­en­ted )! click the image to view.
Download the full PDF. It is questionable? then what about the navel?

[this first release was left unchanged, but be aware that beyond the squ­are's golden sections already noticed, the circumference er­ror exists and – although easy to guess in the page 29 image – it was destined to be disclosed in the next section ->right index]