We have covered various stages of the Golden Section, or G. Ratio, the Divine Proportion widely known as what is called an ‘irrational num­ber’.
Fortunately, the Divine Creative Power has no need to conform to our ‘ra­tion­al­i­ty’. Therefore, I guess I could assert that the Phi, as well as Pi, are not numbers, although somehow we must use num­bers to ap­pro­ach their pow­er. Which is not that of beating a record for trillion of dec­i­mal places (would this be ‘rational’? ;):
What are they instead? We'd better to consider them as:


Nothing else; when ready, the Christ's LETTERS (eg. n°5) might help to deep­en this concept.

My resources momentarily run out here; but unexpected implications are taking place in a chapter in progress, thanks to a renewed analysis.
As to our Vitruvian's discoveries, it matters little if Leonardo Da Vinci was aware of, and used mathematical formulations for the geometric layout of the figure, as one tries to prove or deny. It deals with a hand drawing, not of a CAD design worth to be checked with a lot of decimal places.
Other artists and creative men did it as soon as it was known.

The extraordinary issue in my opinion is was just the opposite, that is if that genius, as well as Vitruvius Pollio, have layed out this blue­print of an ideal human figure, and focused it among a myr­i­ad of pos­si­ble models, fit­ting the golden proportions to dif­fer­ent pri­ma­ry mo­des and levels, wi­tho­ut any specific the­o­ret­i­cal sup­port, proving to internally channel, and help us to discover the rhyth­mic pulse of the

Creative Consciousness
Assuming then that it was their direct merit; but I won't think so for long.
To conclude this phase, let's summarize what we have learned so far: